About Us and Our Journey


Tasha grew up on a dairy farm, and row crop farm in Eastern Oregon, where it was her job to care for the calves, and help with the sugar beet, wheat, and alfalfa crops. The love of animals was formed very early and very deeply during this time. Although, it was too many years later the vegan lifestyle came along, it was a natural choice, and one she had been experimenting with for some time. 

It's not always easy to be the vegetarian/vegan in an incredibly rural setting (we are here to help with that too). Tasha will predominately be the voice of Vegans With Altitude, but Chad and Tasha are in it together, and have been each other's built-in support system for some time, so Chad definitely is a major voice of VWA!  


Chad grew up in Southeast Kansas. His father was an elementary school principal, and his mother was the school board secretary. Although Chad grew up within the city limits, the setting was also very rural. Chad is a believer in research, and numbers, which is a large factor in him adopting a plant-based lifestyle.


Together we love to travel, cook, go to concerts, do home improvement projects, and explore!